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10 Cute Earrings to Make Your Summer Outfits Fashionable

10 Cute Earrings to Make Your Summer Outfits Fashionable

10 Cute Earrings to Make Your Summer Outfits Fashionable

I am all about shopping for cute earrings all year round – but my summer outfits really scream for adorable charms! Every year, I get myself some cute summer outfits that needs cute earrings. And I am a huge fan of earrings. I have “Crazy Plant Lady” earrings, rose gold earrings, gold monstera leaf earrings, plastic cherry earrings, silver earrings, and more. There are 2 things I never leave the house without: lipstick and earrings! I know my earrings for sure, and am happy to share some with you. Below you’ll find 10 cute earrings to make your summer outfits fashionable.

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#1 Golden Hoop Cute Earrings

You can’t go wrong with the classics. These golden hoop earrings are always trending and can go with any of your summer outfits. Whether you’re dressed up in a formal summer dress for a wedding or wearing blue jean shorts and a graphic t-shirt for a summer cookout – these cute earrings can be formal or casual. Dress up or dress down this summer, and get this set of gold hoop earrings here.

10 earrings for your summer outfits

#2 Fun & Cute Earrings for Your Casual Summer Outfits

These earrings are adorable! I am a HUGE FAN of funky earrings, like this awesome set that has a little bit of everything to be trendy this summer. I personally have goldfish earrings, cactus earrings, cherry earrings, and more! This set comes with popsicles, ice cream, soda, honey bees, mermaid tails, and more summer-themed charms to match your different style. Get these super fun earrings here.

#3 Earring Cuffs for All Occasions

Earring cuffs are in right now! You can have extra earrings on your ears without needing to have extra piercings – which is super convenient and pain free. With these awesome earring cuffs, you can add extra charm to your summer outfits by simply clipping these to the edge of your ear. You can move them up or down your ears for different looks. And these earrings will also go so great with any outfit you wear. If you’re dressed formal, these will look formal – if you’re dressed casual, these will look casual. You decide how to style these. Buy a set here.

cute earrings on woman

#4 Studs, a Timeless Classic

You can never really go wrong with stud earrings. These are a timeless classic that are never out of style and are always trending. Stud earrings, like these zirconia ones, are subtle yet speak loudly when it comes to fashion. You can get them in yellow gold, silver, or my favorite…rose gold. And this set has different sizes for when you want a big jewel in your ears or when you want a small accent for your summer outfits. Either way, you can’t go wrong with this set.

#5 Cute Earrings that Climb

Climber earrings are an adorable way to add a little extra razzle dazzle to your ears without needing a bunch of extra piercings. This adorable set edges its way up your ear making a striking piece that can elevate your outfits. This look goes great with dresses or formal wear. And you can get your own adorable white gold plated set here.

cute earrings for summer outfits

#6 Summer-themed Stud Earrings

These stud earrings blend the classic studs with summer fun! You can add an adorable touch to your summer outfits wearing any pair of these cute summer stud earrings. From flamingos and starfish to pineapples and popsicles – your ears will be screaming summer and adorable simultaneously! Get this adorable set here.

#7 Hungry Animal Cute Earrings

These are hands down some of the cutest earrings I’ve ever seen! These adorable earrings make it look like baby animals are munching on your earlobes. It’s unique, fun, and super cute! Your ears will totally stand out and your personality will shine when you show off a pair of these polymer clay-made studs. Whether you rock dinosaurs or dogs, you’ll really stand out this summer. Grab them here!

#8 Dangle Earrings for Formal Occasions

I love dangle earrings so much – and I think they go great with dresses or formal wear! I personally skip wearing a necklace and let my earrings do all the talking. This set of earrings has a little bit of everything to match any dress you plan to wear. You can match your summer dresses or stand out at a summer brunch with a pair of these dangle earrings. Get the set here!

#9 Summer Boho Earrings

Summer boho fashion is a great look for anyone. And this boho earrings set is a great addition to any of your boho summer outfits. With cute rattan earrings and tassels, these earrings add the perfect touch of bohemian neutral. These aren’t just earrings, they are a statement of your style. Make a bold statement with your boho fashion, and check out the set here.

stud cute earrings

#10 Wooden Cute Earrings

Another one of my absolute favorite types of earrings are wooden earrings. These look great during the summer. Wooden earrings go great with your casual summer outfits – and this set has a variety to choose from to match what you’re wearing. With a little touch of boho, wooden earrings are the perfect combination of neutral and bold. These earrings have an adorable wooden pattern and two different shades of wood to choose from. Check out this adorable set here.

I've got more cute earrings than I do plants!

Cute earrings are truly my jam. I actually own more pairs of earrings than I do plants. And if you know just how much of a crazy plant lady I am – you know that’s a lot of earrings! Due to my large collection, I’ve got an awesome jewelry holder hanging in my closet where I keep my entire earring collection. It’s an adorable frame with places to hand earrings and jewelry. It’s very similar to this one, and it’s super cute! With that being said, I am certain you found a handful of cute earrings for your summer outfits in this post. What type of earrings are your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

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