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10 Mother’s Day Gifts for Plant Lovers That She’ll Love!

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10 Mother’s Day Gifts for Plant Lovers That She’ll Love!

Mother’s Day is right around the corner so I am sharing 10 Mother’s Day gifts for plant lover. If you know me, you already know that I LOVE plants. It all started during the pandemic when I started working from home. I initially got a cute, little fiddle leaf fig. If you know anything about plants, you know this is one of the hardest to care for. They are picky and difficult – but (by some crazy miracle) I was able to help it grow. I was very excited! I was never good with any plants. I used to say that if I looked at a plant too long, I would kill it…that’s how bad I was with plants. Meanwhile, my mother has always had a green thumb. People would bring their dying plants to her, and she would turn them around and return them thriving.

But in 2020, I was able to keep that fiddle leaf fig plant alive – and it inspired me to buy about 25 more plants and counting. Over the years, my collection has grown and grown. My husband’s concern for my plant addiction has also grown (lol) – and my office has become congested. I’ve slowly started trickling my plants around the house, while continuing to buy more. Needless to say, I’m officially a crazy plant lady – which is why I am sharing these 10 Mother’s Day gifts for plant lovers like me!

10 Mother's Day Gifts for Plant Lovers

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#1 Mother's Day Gifts: Plant Mom Mug

Nothing says, “Happy Mother’s Day,” to a plant lover like this cute “Plant Mom” terracotta themed mug! Look at how adorable it is here.  I would be more than happy to share my love for plants with this plant mom mug. It’s super cute and comes with it’s own little shovel that works as a spoon! I’m easily amused, but I am certain that any plant lover mama would love this as a Mother’s Day gift! Click to get it here!

#2 Bonsai Starter Kit, One of the Best Mother's Day Gifts

What better gift for a plant lover this Mother’s Day than an actual plant! She’ll love this Bonsai Starter Kit as much as she loves her plants. I would be so delighted to be gifted this as a mother and a plant lover. Get it for her here!

#3 Propagation Station for Your Crazy Plant Mom

Any and all plant lovers always multiply their plant collection through the simple process of propagation! That is why this adorable propagation station is on my list of great Mother’s Day gifts for plant lovers. Let me make plant babies from her plants with this adorable station that she’ll certainly love.
But if she’s like me…she’s going to need at least 2 of these. Click to buy it here!

propagation station for mother's day gifts for plant lovers

#4 Lego Succulents is a Mother's Day Gifts She'll Love

Have you seen this adorable lego plant building kits?! Check out these lego succulents! I didn’t even know this was a thing until recently. Not only do I love legos, but I can’t seem to keep a succulent alive – so I would LOVE to be able to build some that I can’t kill. LOL! Seriously though, makes a great Mother’s day gift for the plant loving mama in your life…especially if she loves legos. 😉 Get them here.

#5 Herb Garden Kit for the Mom Who Loves to Cook with Plants

It’s been on my wish list to have an herb garden. I love cooking and know that everything taste better with fresh herbs! This one would make any mama happy this Mother’s Day, especially if she loves to cook! She can add some fresh cilantro to her tacos or make homemade pesto with basil. Fresh herbs are amazing in any meal – and growing plants is even more amazing for plant lover! Get her an herb garden kit here.

indoor herb garden mother's day gifts for plant lovers

#6 Repotting Mat for the Crazy Plant Lady

Soil happens – especially for plant lovers who are constantly having to repot their growing indoor plants. This repotting mat makes a great gift for moms who love house plants and want to avoid having to clean up a mess. Buy it for her here!

10 mother's day gifts for plant lovers pin

#7 Mother's Day Gifts That are Cute: Gardening Kit

Now, I don’t personally do a lot of outdoor gardening (yet), but if I did…I would want a kit this cute! It’s got all the tools, gloves, and things you need to successfully plant some plants outdoors. I plan to grow my gardening skills soon and grow some veggies to use for cooking. I can’t wait to have a homegrown tomato sandwich. Yum! Give her the luxury of growing her own veggies or planting beautiful flower beds around her home. Get this gardening kit here!

#8 Fly Try to Catch Pesky Gnats!

Now, if you don’t have any house plants, you might not realize what an amazing gift this is – but every house plants comes with gnats! Gnats can become a real problem for plant lovers, but this fly trap works like a charm! It’ll attract those pesky bugs so that your mom doesn’t have to worry about them anymore! I swear by this device – and your plant-loving mom needs this. Get it here!

#9 Plant Subscription: Mother's Day Gifts that Keep Giving

There’s monthly plants subscriptions where you get new plants each month? Sign me up for that! I mean…this makes a great Mother’s Day gift for your plant loving mom. Get her this adorable subscription that comes with multiple plants, succulents, care guides, and a sticker! Sign her up for monthly plants here.

monstera thai constellation mother's day gifts

#10 Monstera Thai Constellation...the BEST Mother's Day Gift for Plant Lovers!

I saved the best for last! What better gift for your plant loving mom than a plant! I can almost guarantee that any and all plant lovers would be more than happy with a beautiful Monstera Thai Constellation starter plant. These have been all the rave recently, and your mom will absolutely adore her own! Get her this beautiful gift here.

Mother's Day Gifts for Plant Lovers are Great But...

That’s it for my countdown of 10 Mother’s Day gifts for plant lovers! I’m a mom and a crazy plant lady so I assure you that she’ll appreciate these! While these Mother’s Day gifts for plant lovers are great and all – there’s something else to keep in mind. Remember that even though getting your mom a gift is nice – nothing beats not having to cook, clean, or do anything on Mother’s Day. So, while I encourage you to go shopping for these gifts for her – I think it’s even better for you to make her breakfast, take her out for lunch, clean the house for her, and let her relax all day! After all, that’s what us mothers need the most – a little rest, relaxation, and alone time away from kids, husbands, and our to-do list! So, get her some plant gifts – but mostly, show her some love this Mother’s Day.

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