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10 Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas She’ll Love!

10 unique mother's day gift ideas she'll love

10 Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas She’ll Love!

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and it can be daunting to find a gift she’ll love. Don’t worry, I’ve got 10 unique Mother’s Day gift ideas that will make this year’s Mother’s Day one that she will never forget! Better yet, what if you were to put together a Mother’s Day gift basket and add some of these items in there? There’s nothing better than being unique and creative! Do some chores, make some breakfast, take your mom out and make her feel special this Mother’s Day!

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#1 A Special Mother's Day Card

Mother’s Day isn’t the same without a special greeting card! This gift is not only special but very unique! We all want the perfect bouquet for mom, but what if you never had to worry about it wilting? Cool right? This pop-up Mother’s day card is an amazing way to tie together your Mother’s Day gift basket!

mother and daughter hugging on Mother's Day gift ideas

#2 Mother's Day Gift Ideas: A Funny Candle

Everyone loves a bit of humor, so make your mom laugh a little by gifting her a funny Mother’s Day candle. Imagine your mom taking a moment to relax and setting the ambience by lighting a natural soy candle with an amazing scent, to remind her of you! A candle, a unique card in a gift basket for your mom! What could be greater? Get it here!

#3 Baby's Hand and Footprints for a New Mom's First Mother's Day

This gift is more for a new mom, or a friend who’s become a new mom. Make her first Mother’s Day special by gifting her an inkless hand and foot print kit. What better way to make Mother’s Day memorable with your baby’s hand and footprints? Fur-babies count too!

unique mother's day gift ideas mother and baby

#4 Unique Mother's Day Gift Ideas: Legos!

I love Legos! Who said Legos were just for kids? Imagine a Mother’s Day Special Bouquet Lego building set! There’s no better way to relieve some stress, sit with the kiddos and play with Legos! You can have your kids help you, or do it alone if you prefer, and make your own Lego bouquet! Buy it here!

#5 Aromatherapy for the Shower

After a day of running around, a hot shower and some self-care sounds divine – doesn’t it? Aromatherapy Shower Steamers make a great Mother’s Day gift! Help your mom be stress-free and experience her own spa therapy at home! And guess what? This would make a great addition to your Mother’s Day Gift Basket

shower steamers unique mothers day gift ideas

#6 Mother's Day Gift Ideas: Body Care AKA Burt's Bees!

If your mom is anything like me, she’ll love the Burt’s Bees Hand Repair Gift set! This makes a great standalone gift, but if you want to make it extra special, add the Mother’s Day Burt’s Bees Lip Balm to your gift set! Burt’s Bees make incredible body care and it’s all natural! 

#7 Unique and Low-Calorie Mocktails!

Spice up her Mother’s Day brunch with these guilty free, vegan cocktail mixers! Just mix it in with some sparkling water and you have yourself a fancy drink! Pair it with brunch, game night, or just for fun with your favorite people! So good your mom won’t want to share these at all. The fact that they are low-calorie and low-sugar will blow her mind! Get some for her here.

#8 Sentimental Jewelry

Jewelry is so meaningful. A great Mother’s Day gift would be a beautiful and unique piece, like a Compass Necklace which tells her how lost you would be without her! Our mothers are definitely our first teachers and our grounding in life. Let her know how you feel! Buy it here.

Mother's Day gift ideas mother and daughter with gift

#9 Charcuterie Board Set

If your mom loves having company or is a foodie like me, a Charcuterie Board set is a great gift for Mother’s Day! Everyone can help out by setting up some great fruit, cheese and other goodies for a Mother’s Day brunch. And think how amazing it would be to pair it with the Mocktails we mentioned before? Check out this awesome, best-selling charcuterie board here.

charcuterie board unique mother's day gift ideas

#10 The Last Mother's Day Gift Ideas: Ceramic Cookware Set

I love food and cooking amazing food! The best gift any mom who loves to cook could ask for is a non-stick cookware set! It’s non-toxic and naturally non-stick, and the best part is you can go from your stove top straight into the oven. I’m thinking of some mac and cheese, how about you?

Why Choose Just One? She Deserves So Much More!

With Mother’s Day just a few days away, these are some great stand alone Mother’s Day gift ideas for your mom – or you can grab a few of these and put together a unique Mother’s Day gift basket! Don’t forget, it’s not just about the gifts, but letting her know how special she really is. Happy Mother’s Day!

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