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5 Summer Activities for Kids They’ll Love to Beat Boredom

5 summer activities for kids to beat boredom

5 Summer Activities for Kids They’ll Love to Beat Boredom

Once school ends, summer activities for kids are super important to prevent boredom at home. Every summer, my kiddo is always complaining about being bored. And I’m that mom that won’t allow him to be on screens all day, but I also have a business to run. As a mompreneur, I’m always wishing he would find something fun to do on his own (and off screens!). Because even though I can make time to have summer fun with him – I do have to work some during the summer. So, he needs to have fun on his own or with the neighborhood kids. That’s why it’s good to have some fun items for kiddos. 

Since summer is right around the corner, I’ve decided to share some awesome products used for kids activities that will beat their boredom. 

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5 summer kids activities they'll love

#1 Summer Activities They'll Love: Slip & Slide!

I’m starting with the easiest one. A simple slip and slide. Now, if your kiddo hasn’t had one before – their in for a treat! This slip and slide is fun no matter how old your kid is! I am certain I would enjoy this slip and slide myself – you’re never too old for this. The slip and slide is a classic summer activity for kids. These things have been around for years – literally, since the 1960s! And no matter how much time passes by, people still invest in a slip and slide. Why? Because they are just so much fun! So, let them beat the boredom and the heat this summer for your little ones, and buy them a slip and slide here.

#2 Kids Shooting Game for Indoor or Outdoors

This is a great one for kids of all ages. And whether they play on their own or with a neighborhood friend, they won’t be bored with this shooting game. They can play inside or outside with it – and practice their aim for hours of fun! Boys and girls alike love shooting practice. Well, I was a bit of a tom boy as a little girl – and while I enjoyed my barbies, I would have loved a shooting game like this! Now, as an adult, I have more fun with my son’s bb gun than he does LOL. So, for sure, your little ones will love this game. Get it here.

kids playing basketball for summer activities for kids

#3 One of the Most Classic Summer Activities for Kids: Basketball

There’s no summer kids activity more classic than playing a good ole game of basketball. This hoop is all you really need to keep your kids entertained.  You can finally get your kids off screens, and have them get some exercise, improve their motor skills, balance, and coordination

And all the neighborhood kids will have fun in your driveway with this one.

Get a good basketball hoop here! And if you don’t have a driveway or road to put this on, no worries – check out #4 on this list for an alternative that’s just as fun!

#4 Indoor Basketball, Because It's Hot Outside

If you don’t have a driveway or road for a regular basketball hoop, no worries at all! Your kids can still beat the boredom with this indoor basketball hoop. This basketball hoop has an electronic scoreboard and comes with its own basketballs. 

This is great for anyone living in a home with no driveway or road to place a large basketball hoop on. I totally get it. I rented for years before I finally owned my own driveway. Plus, it’s hot outside. Your kiddo might not want to go outside to play, so they can play basketball inside. Get it here!

summer kids activities pin

#5 Your Kids Will Thank You All Summer: Inflatable Water Slide!

This summer kids activity will keep them entertained for HOURS. Get them this inflatable water slide to keep them having a blast all summer. This water slide is super sturdy for small and big kiddos. Plus, they’ll be so happy you got them this that they’ll thank you all summer long. Not only is this one of the best summer activities for kids, but it’s an investment in a product  you can use for other events. Throw a party for your kids in the backyard and bring this bad boy out or a summer brunch for your friends who can bring their little ones for water fun. No matter what you use it for, it’s definitely worth the investment! Keep them cool and happy with this inflatable water slide. Buy it here!

girl in water slide for summer kids activities to beat boredom post

They'll Want to Enjoy Multiple Summer Activities for Kids!

These summer kids activities will definitely help your kids beat that summer boredom at home. In between your summer vacation or weekend getaways, these items will be so much fun and create many memories! As a work-from-home mompreneur, I know I definitely need to keep my kiddo busy during the summer – and these items are so much fun.

You’ll want to get several of these in order to keep your kiddos entertained. Plus, if you aren’t too busy yourself, you can join them in all the summer fun. Making time for your kids can be challenging if you’re too busy with work – so learn how to be your own boss and make time with your family by becoming a mompreneur! I’ve been my own boss for years – and it’s a lifestyle that I love and appreciate. You can learn to make money online and start your mom boss journey. Wishing you the best summer full of joyful memories!

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