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5 Summer Nails Must-Have Items to Make Your Nails Awesome!

summer nails must have items to make your nails awesome

5 Summer Nails Must-Have Items to Make Your Nails Awesome!

Nails are so much fun to decorate for every season! You can really express your personality, passion, and uniqueness with your nails. Last year, I had Halloween nails, Thanksgiving nails (that literally had pie on them lol!), and Christmas nails. I really enjoyed the different nail designs, and looked forward to the next season just to be able to have new nails! 

Summer is quickly approaching, and it’s always fun to decide on summer outfits, buy new shorts, bathing suits, and flip flops. But it’s even more fun to get your nails ready for summer! 

I’m looking forward to ice cream, popsicles, sunglasses, and other cute summer patterns on my nails. If you really want your nails to stand out this summer, you need to check out these 5 summer nails must-have items to make your nails awesome!

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5 ways to make your summer nails stand out

#1 Beach-Themed Nail Stickers

Nothing screams summer like beach-themed summer nails. This set of adorable nail stickers has a wide variety of designs to choose from. You can have mermaids, palm trees, seashells, or whales on your nails. It also comes with sunglasses, mermaid tail patterns, flamingos, and even a sticker that says, “summer time.” If you want your nails to represent all thing summer, you need to get these nail stickers!

#2 Chrome Nail Powder for a Metallic Shine!

I love shiny things – and these metallic nail powders are so amazing. With the sunny, warm weather during the summer, your nails will really stand out. You’ll have different metallic shades to choose from, and it’s so easy to apply. You simply paint your nails like normal, apply the metallic pigment powder on your nails with either an eye shadow stick or your finger, brush the excess powder off, and then apply a top coat! You’ll have 16 amazing metallic shades to choose from to go with any of your summer outfits. Let your summer nails shine, and get them here!
bold summer nails colors

#3 Summer Nail Colors That are Bold!

Having the right shade of nail polish will make a huge difference for your summer nails. While darker, moody colors are more appropriate during fall and winter – once spring and summer arrive, bright and bold colors are recommended! That’s why this nail polish set is perfect for your summer nails. This 23 piece summer nail polish set has 20 different amazing colors to choose from and comes with 3 different top coats. From glitter nails to matte nails, this set will give you amazing options. Buy it here!

#4 Summer Nail Rhinestones

If you think bright colors and nail stickers aren’t bold enough, you’re in for a treat! These summer nail rhinestones will really make people stop and look at your nails. You can have seashells, starfish, conch shells, or pearls to really show off that summer beachy look! From gold seashells to realistic ones, this set of nail rhinestones will get you ready to enjoy the sunny weather and warm waves of the sandy beaches. Dig your toes into the sand with these summer nail rhinestones. Check them out here!

strawberry themed summer nails

#5 Summer Nail Wraps That are Fruity!

Lemons, strawberries, and watermelons are fruits people love to enjoy during the summer. Whether it’s a strawberry smoothie, ice-cold lemonade, or watermelon slices – people love to indulge in refreshing fruits during those hot days. These adorable nail wraps have different fruit patterns that are perfect for summer. This set even comes with ice cream wraps! No need to paint your nails or add any glue – these nail wraps are easily applied over your nails like a sticker and you’re good to go! Get them here.

You'll be summer ready!

Having summer-themed nails is so much fun! You can really make your summer outfit pop with adorable nails to go with them. I personally love nail wraps because they are so easy to apply – but I found that if I wear them too often, my nails do get brittle. That might just be me – I don’t know, but I wear them occasionally now and still love them!

But you can never really go wrong with those cute nail stickers! I would do teal nails with flamingo stickers on them or yellow nails with lemons! And maybe a metallic accent nail too. There are so many summer nail options to choose from. What do your summer nails look like? Comment below and tell me your ideas!

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